We have championed businesses in North and West Yorkshire for over 150 years.

During that time, we have worked with business to campaign on issues that impact them, their employees, and the communities around them.

Our Policy and Representation team gather views and evidence from our members, which informs our campaigns and asks of government. We do this through regular meetings of our campaign groups and our Quarterly Economic Survey.

We also collaborate with other Chambers and business representative groups to campaign for what is best for business.

Below, you will find information on our regular groups, some split into our three regional areas and others that are based across our work. If you would like to know more about our groups and forums, please email a member of the team.

Reports Archive

Employment Land Report

Ensuring businesses can expand if they want to is important. This report highlights the challenges facing many Bradford businesses in this area, calling for an Employment Land Review update and an offer to work with the local planning authority on other solutions.

Liveability Leeds Report

Closely connected to transport and infrastructure is for housing development to be in the right places to help cities grow and thrive. This report is about delivering housing choice for the people of Leeds.

Leeds Waterfront Report

Utilising all of a city’s assets and engaging with the rest of the centre is a theme that runs through this report about the ‘South Bank’ of the River Aire. With an ambition to become the ‘best city in the UK by 2030’, this report has helped renew interest in Leeds’ Waterfront ambitions.

The Yorkshire Hub and South Bank Leeds

Following the announcement in November 2015 that HS2 services will share a common concourse at an enlarged and redeveloped Leeds station

Northern Powerhouse rail line

Bradford Council’s ‘advocacy document’ on the case for bringing the Northern Powerhouse rail line through the city.