Chamber HR Advice

ChamberHR – An employer focused service

ChamberHR is a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes that employ people. For small businesses without in-house specialists, it provides access to expertise that is essential for managing the employment of their staff. For larger SMEs with in-house resources, it serves as valuable support for their HR department. Even large companies may use ChamberHR to assist with complex cases.

What’s included in the service?

  • Advice Line – Our advice lines allow you 24/7 access to talk to an experienced HR/Employment Law specialist for any queries or guidance you might need.
  • Document Templates – Our website gives you access to use over 450+ HR template documents which cover the lifecycle of an employee. In addition to reading our latest articles in the Newsroom, you can also take advantage of an HR Health Check.
  • One2One – Our One2One meetings give you a chance to schedule a meeting with a Quest Business Support Manager to discuss the specific problems facing your business. This allows us to tailor our support to your business needs.

How do I access these services?

You can access all these services for free, as included in your membership, by:

· Calling the advice line on 01455 852 037

· Visiting the Index page at and selecting your Chamber

· Book a free One2One by going to

How can I benefit?

  • Stay compliant by ensuring you're up to date with all key compliance documents
  • Understand your H&S responsibilities as an employer
  • Reduce costs from in-house or external H&S support
  • Immediate answers to any questions/concerns
  • Create a safe environment for your employees

ChamberHR is an invaluable resource that can help you and your business with a wide range of different topics including, but not limited to: Accident management, incidents, reporting misconduct, compliance requirements, pregnancy and risk assessments. As you can see, this service can help you with a plethora of different topics, giving you more time to focus on the business side of things!