Innovation growth specialist, Adelina Paduraru

Adelina Paduraru

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Adelina, and I come from a small fishing town in the heart of the Danube Delta called Tulcea, Romania. I am a music fanatic and enjoy karaoke once in a while.

My professional path has been quite diverse, from graduating from Law School, getting a master’s degree in Public Law, becoming a mediator and then ending up in an industry that I was quite avoiding, finance. I have had the pleasure of working in the aerospace industry, specialising in duty, export and tariff codes and for the West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce within the International Trade department where I have found my true passion: customs compliance, assisting clients with a smooth transition through Brexit.

Moving forward I’m now using my passion for supporting businesses as a Growth Specialist working across the area with a particular specialism to support innovative clients with their growth journey including internationalisation and the plans that need to be put in place.